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5G Testing & Capabilities

AIRCOM Labs is a market leader for 5G test and certification services. Our US-based 5G Center of Expertise provides a full suite of test capabilities, both in the lab and in the field. We are the only lab fully accredited by AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon. For AT&T, this also includes lab services for 10776 and all field test areas, including AVPDC and AVDFT.

AIRCOM’s state-of-the-art test platforms, tools and systems cover FR1 and FR2 test areas for both 5G stand-alone and non-stand-alone devices. We also provide full-scope, lifecycle test requirements for IoT modules, modems, and wearables, with the ability to certify protocol, RF, data performance and market-based KPIs.

Our technology partnerships with industry leaders such as Spirent, Qualcomm, L&T Technical Services and Wireless Metrics allow us to also provide OTA testing and certification and support for 5G product development, R&D test services, and 5G tools and training.


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